I like turtles.


Reptiles are the bomb-dot-com. Also, I like fish. I know that this is a herps subdomain, but I will be talking about the other scaled, cold blooded creatures as well: fishius swimicus.

I currently have an eastern painted turtle named Leo, a blue-tailed skink named Gil, a green-anole-with-no-name, an Oscar named Groucho, and a betta community take with a betta and some panda cories.

But I want more, and I like DIY’ing it, so I hope to talk about my herps and fish here, and also to talk about my DIY projects.

Recent Posts

2019/01/14 – Snake Fever

I have snake fever guys. I want one so bad. They are so stinking cool! Honestly, I don’t know if I have ever even touched a snake, but gosh they are so neat. I am thinking a ball python. Deborah saw this gorgeous nut brown boa at the pet store and now wants that beauty, but I don’t think I want a boa. Ball pythons seem to fit our lifestyle of crazy more.